The brief

Here’s the thing; today’s brands are constantly competing with new technologies, empowered consumers and new companies disrupting and redefining entire categories.

As a result, once powerful brands (not to mention entire industries) are being challenged by start-ups, armed with nothing but a great idea that leads the change.


Netflix is founded and becomes partly responsible for the death of Blockbuster video. After that they set their sights on television itself.


The Amazon Kindle is introduced, severely impacting the sales of physical books, affecting the likes of Waterstones and Borders.


San Francisco-based start-up Airbnb is founded and soon becomes one of the biggest hotel brands in the world… without owning a single hotel.


Digital taxi service Uber takes on the entire taxi and mini-cab industry. Success (as well as controversy) soon followed.


Rentez-vous sets its sights on global fashion houses, creating the first peer-to-peer fashion rental marketplace.



Are you one of tomorrow's change makers?

Think of a traditional industry or company and tell us how you’d disrupt it with a new digital product or service. (Supply your answer as a 2-3 minute video.)

After that, please also answer the following three questions:

1If you had to curate your own conference, which three people would you have speak at it and why? (Up to 200 words.)

2What should Pepsi do to succeed over its rivals? (Up to 200 words.)

3Describe your ideal weekend. (Up to 200 words.)

Only completed briefs will be considered for the scheme.

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